Monday, December 26, 2011

A Letter

My Mistakes & Love For Friends

   I do love you, friends. But, sometimes I think I'm a little selfish. Well, in some matters...

But, I can't bear to see you, my friends in sad. Or happy. Suprise huh? I mean, happy.. but in condition that Allah hate. Of course, I would like to see you happy, dear :) .

Be happy if Allah happy with you . :D

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   If I love my friends, I would like to see her in Jannah. But, I admit sometimes I make you to do sins, huh? Sorry, 'bout that mate. I glad to see you try to be a good muslimah but i do feel annoy if you hate the other friends who being a lil bit naughty. Well, they might like to watch or talk about boys , backbiting and many more things that should'nt done by muslimah but they are not worth being haten by you or anybody. Definetely not! You can hate their act but not themselves.

   You can chill on me if you want when you're sad or angry. Just don't be too long. Not 'cause I'm busy or so, but one time I may gone. So, you must learn to be tough. [that time maybe you can seek nobody help -eherm, indeed you have Allah] :)

   And, oh.. you can count on me too even I'm busy enough. But, learn to independent. So that you can face the world bravely enough eventhough either me or your family are not around.

I just want you to remember this,
Allah always by YOUR SIDE.
Allah always be WITH YOU.

And, the thing is, you can count, chill, on Allah, whatever, whenever, wherever you want :D This is GREAT NEWS !! Yeah !

p/s : This is advice for me instead for you :p but, I do care if you give attention to these words.

I Love You, haha.. as friend :D

-6.17 pm
-The Blueprint for Success Islamic Conference
-Green Lanes Masjid, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

- i know - i know, many grammar mistakes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Result : Calon PMR

Oke dah terlalu-terlalu lambat nak post benda ni ,

but just want to tell this : to candidate PMR 2011 :

Relax ! Jangan gelabah-gelabah :)

Kita dah usaha , apapun result terima sahaja .. Allah takdirkan terbaik untuk kita .

Kalau dapat cemerlang, bersyukurlah . Tak perlu nak riak . Kan ?
Kalau teruk, usaha lagi. Memang senang nak cakap kan? Tapi percayalah Allah aturkan semuanya ada hikmah. Mungkin untuk bagi time SPM nanti, dah tak main-main belajar :)

Tenang sahaja .

Saalih cakap good luck ;D

Oh ya, untuk Syauqah Wardah , jazakillah. Terharu for your word : " dan juga utk kawan aq yg paling berharga..yg kini berada di luar negara, cik ariffah shukri.. ketahuilah yg ana sangat menyayangi anti... " Sis, ana uhibbuki fillah jiddan aidhan ..

For all my friends, [ and of course for all candidate ] good luck ! Selamat mengambil result esok :D

p/s: I am waiting a call from my mother . I'm at UK, so instead my mother yang tolong ambilkan result PMR  :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Renovate Blog !

anak saudara . Jamaican + Melayu
( pss..tengok rambut dia )


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