Thursday, October 25, 2012

Menarik Nafas

Sedikit mencuri waktu , untuk menulis.

Banyak rehat dalam menulis bukanlah satu tindakan bijak, bukankah?

Nothing to say, just wanting to share . This :


            I keep asking myself why something is gonna be like this and that. All along the time I ponder much cause I knew there is a reason. Yeah, definitely there is. Just I didn’t know yet the reason why. There is a time when my sisters kept arguing about law of Fiqh’s practical in daily routine, I became stressed. Don’t they get it? And why, they must convincing the others too? Day by day, I can’t say anything more. My heart keep sanking deeper. For the time being, I could only cried in my heart and pray to Allah. As of it, I think I cannot shouldering these all anymore. But then, someone (to be exact, Sir Azman) reminds me ‘ Allah test us on what we capable of it ‘, it hitched me. Even I already know this ( ayat suci Al-Qur’an) but I’m still a person that should be remind again and again. So, I try to get up back even I’m still alone. Every problem have a solution. I must find a way!
            One day when I’m surfing the internet, I deduced about other’s problem, which is more difficult problem than mine. MashaAllah, Allah indeed want to persuade me to ease my heart by showing to me other’s big problem! Start by that, I began to understand. There is no need to find the reason of something happened. Enough to learn handling and overcome problems. Allah know best, so stop asking why.
-Friday, 12.20 p.m


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